Cold outside

Today I didnt get my workout done, its been raining and raining down here in Texas and there were icy roads. So yeah it was a big moment of weakness to me on this day. I couldnt make it to the gym.

Which in this case also lead to some sinning, yeah thats right sinning. I had ice cream. I KNOW I KNOW! I am ashamed of myself. Now its time for some discipline tonight and im going to work my ass off doing anything cold outside or not. I am sorry guys but self control is key to losing weight and if you are as big as I am you have to control yourself. Appreciate any sort of comments whipping my ass into it pumping me up. Thanks guys update on gym soon once this weather is natural haha.


Stuck at work currently bored out of my mind. Now that I have started working out I find myself hungering for more and more. Really wanting to improve myself and hit my goals, school is killer on me and so is work but im not going to let it slow me down. I appreciate everyones support and the pushing to get me through to my goals.

When it comes to losing weight sure people do it for a girl, family, friends, or whoever.
The most important person to be doing it for is yourself. Do you want to live a long life and healthy life? I know I do. Yes working out is hard to do at first and tough to get through but in the end it all pays off. Typically every hard goal you push for yourself pays off. To anyone that is wanting to lose weight just dont give up when the going gets tough and dont push yourself to an extent. Just think everyday is a new and better you. Good luck to my fellow weight losers. Say bye to the flab and hello to a new you.

Another day..

I woke up feeling ridiculously sore on the way to work in a bit ready for another day. I enjoy my diet and it has me feeling really good. Last night I was watching MTV the show "I used to be fat" was showing. There was this guy who was really inspirational to me and he had a BRO trainer haha. You can check out the episode here http://www.mtv.com/videos/i-used-to-be-fat-ep-5-jordan/1656621/playlist.jhtml

If you are looking for something inspirational there it is. The guy was obviously needing a father figure, a friend, etc.


Finally home

Hey everyone, got home from work about 2 hours ago and just got done with my evening workout. Im feeling fantastic! I know im going to be in great physical pain tomorrow but who gives a damn. Gotta push it to the limit.

World of Warcraft

This damn game has been a major source of my downfall. Just finished my afternoon workout and nearly died. I walked for 1 hour today and will continue pushing on. I will workout again tonight and post more on other subjects. In the meantime stay awayfrom World of Warcraft.

Making a blog

So I gave in and decided to make a blog. I wanted to document all my progress on my biggest goal of losing 145 pounds. I plan on running this blog for a year and a half and look forward to any and all followers of my blog. My starting weight is 352 I am 6'1 and im going for gold on this, wish me lucks bros!